Why don’t I touch painful points?

I often get that question after a treatment. There are some techniques in Japan to cure the pain without touching painful points. For example, I treat the legs for a back pain, and the arms for neck & shoulders pain, and in each case never touch the back, neck nor shoulders. My technique is based on new Japanese osteopathic trends. Why is that possible?

Obviously I was also wondering why it works at the beginning. However, I gradually understood the reason after studying the functions of myofascia, which covers all of the muscles and internal organs.

Myofascia does not just encapsulate a muscle, it also connects with other nearby myofascia envelopes and covers the entire body. When somewhere the myofascia shrinks and becomes hard, it pulls other parts through that connection and you feel the pain mainly at your joints, where the pain sensor are more concentrated. Thus, the origine of pain is not always at the painful points.

With this in mind, I look for the points where the myofascia shrinks and stiffens, and relax them one by one. Think of it next time, before you say, "I said I had a pain on my back, but he didn't take care of it!"

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